Corporate Security

Protect business information from
internal and external attacks
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Corporate Security

Protect business information from internal and external attacks

Company protection

Protect company assets with adequate measures

The human factor is always more important. WOZON collects useful elements to protect the intellectual property of the company, even in court. Act faster in the event of a data breach.



Detect export and dissemination of unauthorized documents.

White collar crimes

White Collar Crimes

Identify behavioral anomalies and internal fraud.

Incident Response


Reception and treatment of whistleblowing reports.

Frodi Interne

Internal Fraud?

80% of information leaks derive from internal fraud.

Detect threats and anomalous activities unique to your business faster, reducing the time to detection and intervention.

DLP. WOZON is a data loss prevention tool that, thanks to customizable alerts, allows you to protect intellectual property, be compliant with the protection of personal data and increase visibility on the movement of data in the corporate network.

Or Hacker Attacks?

Remediate cyber attacks

In the event of a computer accident, the data collected by the software will help your technicians to remedy faster and identify patient zero.

Forensic-Grade Response. The software and assistance are 100% Italian. Designed and coded by technicians with experience in digital forensics and supported by a team expert in labor law and litigation.

Attacchi Hacker

100% Made in Italy technology

For the first time an advanced software, which includes forensic and Cyber Security functions developed in Italy.

Winner in 2018 of the technological innovation award at the “INVESTIGATION & FORENSICS AWARDS”, an award dedicated to excellence in the technical forensic field.

Made in Italy


C-Level User Experience

C-Level User Experience

Designed to be used also by legal, audit, security and HR managers. Simple steps lead from reporting an anomaly, to verifying the data, to requesting further information.


Main functions

Among the most used functions we point out the collection of logs, encrypted file transfer, email threat intelligence, daily software vulnerability check.


Easy installation

The system does not create slowdowns in PCs and only reports useful information, in an encrypted way. Installation is fast, it can be done in a few seconds manually or via SCCM.

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WOZON already helps some of the leaders in these areas.

Industrie e PMI

Industries and SMEs

"We have raised the level of corporate security quickly and easily. At the same time, we are now more aware of the cyber risks the company is exposed to."



"Despite the multitude of software already present in the bank dedicated to protection from external attacks, we found in WOZON a useful solution to meet the needs of data protection and confidentiality within the organization."



"We were amazed how WOZON's functions can be combined to generate a real risk index, which clearly expresses the company's exposure to a cyber incident."

Case History

Some of WOZON's applications to protect corporate information assets.

Intellectual property

The entire contents of a folder relating to a reserved project had been copied to a USB hard disk at an abnormal time. Thanks to the alert generated by WOZON, the company was able to act quickly and protect the company assets by preventing the leak of information to the competitor.


Custom rules set directly by the customer in the WOZON dashboard made it possible to identify archives containing confidential data saved in unauthorized paths and devices.

Labor law

A collaborator performed administrative functions for another company while working. WOZON made it possible to detect evidence regarding the unlawful conduct such as continuity, frequency and duration.

Forensic Readiness

SSDs and the diffusion of cloud systems will increasingly limit the completeness and success of expost survey activities. WOZON allows you to conduct in-depth investigations even months later, reducing the economic impact on the business.

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Some answers to the most frequently asked questions we are asked.

None, a dedicated cloud server will be made available and will be deleted at the end of the demo. Installation, configuration and training will be the responsibility of the WOZON team.

For SMEs, installation is very fast. An executable is provided which in 3 clicks can be installed in a few seconds on any PC. From that moment on it is already active thanks to the cloud server pre-configured by the WOZON team.

The on-premise version is available in which every aspect can be modified by the customer so that he can have total control of the information. Therefore, an agent installer is usually provided which can be delivered via Microsoft’s SCCM.

The GDPR and the legislation on the protection of trade and industrial secrets require adequate data protection measures. If you are not able to reconstruct a cyber incident or to be aware of it … these measures cannot be considered adequate. In our opinion, a well-made policy on the use of company assets is sufficient for most cases. For greater caution, in Italy it is recommended to proceed with obtaining a trade union authorization or from the territorial labor management. These ways to date do not represent an obstacle to the software’s operating modes.

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WOZON is available through a restricted and trained selection of distributors with expertise in Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity.

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Via Montenapoleone 8, 20121, Milan

800 000 007

Piazza Pontelandolfo 9 – Vicenza

+39 0444 582791

Via F.P. de’ Calboli 60, 00195, Rome (RM)

+39 339 1532253


Via Montenapoleone 8, 20121, Milan

800 000 007

Piazza Pontelandolfo 9 – Vicenza

+39 0444 582791

Via F.P. de' Calboli 60, 00195, Rome (RM)

+39 339 1532253

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WOZON is a DLP, Fraud Prevention & Cybersecurity Tool Made in Italy by DEFENSIS    |   All Rights Reserved

The CYBERSECURITY MADE IN EUROPE Label was obtained in november 2021 by DEFENSIS, the company behind WOZON. It certifies the European origin of WOZON’s know-how and its adherence to European values. The Label contributes to building up Europe’s digital autonomy by establishing cybersecurity as a beacon of excellence in the European digital value chain.